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Press releases are an effective advertising strategy for companies of all sizes. They’re an efficient search engine optimization (SEO) tool, increasing traffic and sales.
In case you haven’t discovered this strategy, you’ll be amazed by how powerful it is, particularly if combined with social media marketing. is that you reach your customers directly. You don’t have to rely on journalists covering your news stories. You are your own purveyor of information, and you’re able to present your tales in almost any way which suits you, and whenever you wish.
However, you should still aim to be as objective as you can about what you publicize. Stick with the truth. Write your press releases in the next person, and contain relevant quotations, just as you would in the event that you were composing for journalists.
Tips to Help You to Get the Best Results from Your Releases
Here are 3 tips that will enable you to get results.
1. Produce a Media Center on Your Site
Although you now have the chance to address your customers directly, without going through traditional media, you should still make it as simple as possible for journalists to cover the information.
Produce a media centre on your site, to which you publish all of your media releases. This provides it journalists a useful history of your own operations, a lot of info regarding your organization, and might even inspire new stories in traditional media.
Of course, your media center can also be good for the customers. Your customers will know more about you and on your enterprise. This builds credibility and trust.
2. Create a Downloadable Press Kit for Members of the Media
PR has many audiences. Your staff will include your clients, your staff, your suppliers, and also in case you’re a publicly listed firm, will comprise your shareholders also.
Therefore although you ought to produce a downloadable media kit chiefly for journalists, it will likewise be downloaded by others. Make it useful for all your viewers.
Your regular promotions will cause increased traffic that your website. It is going to also lead to an increase in sales. However, much of the traffic will be wasted unless you have a means of capturing names and email addresses.